Jonah and God's Grace

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Jonah and God's Grace

February 28, 2014   •   Jonah 3-4

There are lots of things in life that can cause us to feel sad or be upset. Mostly sadness comes to us when we see things go out of control, when we witness events in this world that are so clearly not the way God wants things to be. But does it ever happen that we feel sad about something that is actually a good thing? Do we sometimes see someone receive forgiveness, but this makes us sad because what we were really hoping for is that this person would get what he had coming to him? If we’re honest, we’ll admit that sometimes we do get upset when something goes right for somebody else. The conclusion of the Jonah story reflects back to us this sad truth about our fallen nature. But at the same time Jonah's conversation with God gives us hope in the greatness of our Creator's grace.

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