Jonah and the Whale

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Jonah and the Whale

February 21, 2014   •   Jonah 1-2

If we were playing a word association game and I said "Jonah," what would you reply? Most folks would blurt out, "whale," and they'd be right. "Jonah and the Whale" is the story we all know. But in a way that's too bad because if we only think of Jonah as an incredible fish story, we could miss the point of this very important book in the Bible. Jonah, someone has said, is not a story about a great fish but a story about a great God. In a sense, Jonah offers the key to understanding the whole Bible. It shows us what is in God's heart and it prompts us to get busy with the work he has entrusted to us. Let's dig into this important little book today, on Groundwork.

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