February 21, 2014 – February 28, 2014


The prophetic book of Jonah might be one of the shorter books of the Bible, but it contains a powerful message. It is a story about a great God; and in a sense, Jonah offers the key to understanding the whole Bible. In this Groundwork series we study the story of Jonah, the big fish, and a journey to Nineveh to discover the heart of God, think critically about the state of our own hearts, and hear the prompting to get busy with the work He has entrusted to us.

Episodes in this Series

JonahFebruary 21 , 2014

Jonah and the Whale

If we only remember Jonah as an incredible fish story, we can miss the heart of God. But if we dig into the story of Jonah, we find that in it God offers a key to following his heart and understanding the whole Bible.

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JonahFebruary 28 , 2014

Jonah and God's Grace

Do you ever find yourself wishing that God would be a little more judicious with his forgiveness? The conclusion of the Jonah story reflects back to us this sad truth about our fallen nature. But at the same time, Jonah's conversation with God gives us hope in the greatness of our Creator's grace.

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