Christopher Hunt

Audio Bible Studies for Men

Audio Bible studies and podcasts can be a great way for busy men to get into God’s Word and grow in their faith. If one thing characterizes men’s lives these days, it’s busyness. Men want to do their best at work, be present in their families, and serve God where he calls them. Sometimes men feel they have very little time of their own. This is why we commonly see men’s Bible studies meeting at 6:30 on Saturday mornings, for example. In this busyness, we can easily neglect studying God’s Word. But for both individuals and groups, audio Bible studies and podcasts offer men easy-to-access, easy-to-use study options.

Easily study the Bible when you want

Online Bible study resources are extremely convenient. Some audio Bible studies or podcasts can be accessed at any time and offer a whole breadth of topics at our fingertips. Groundwork is a perfect example. Find Bible studies at the Groundwork website or on your favorite podcast platforms, such as iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher. Stream the audio when it’s convenient for you.

Listen on the go or on the job

Most of us have some sort of commute to our jobs. This can sometimes feel like lost time. Audio Bible studies and podcasts offer a great way to redeem that time. Whether a long commute or short, that time in the car offers a great opportunity to listen to discussions about biblical topics. Audio Bible studies or podcasts accessed through your phone give you much more flexibility than radio programs do. You’ve arrived but the program isn’t over yet? Just pause it till later.

Additionally, if your job allows you to listen while you work, that’s another awesome benefit for audio Bible studies and podcasts. You can grow from them on the job site or while at your desk. 

As men, we lead busy lives with loads of responsibility. It can be hard to carve out time to go deep into God’s Word. Audio Bible studies and podcasts provide a handy solution. Check out the library of series and episodes right here at Groundwork. Each episode is a doable 30-minutes in length and digs deep into important scriptural questions and topics.

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