In addition to our podcast episodes, we occasionally produce ebooks centered on a topic or theme as well as other resources. Click on the “More Info” links for details and to download your own copy of our latest offerings.


Revelation: A Comfort for Believers

Revelation: A Comfort for Believers is a six-part audio Bible study that unpacks a theme that runs through Revelation from beginning to end: Revelation was written to comfort believers and encourage the Church to hold true to our faith in Jesus Christ, who promises, “Yes, I am coming soon” (Revelation 22:20). 

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The Cross of Jesus

The Cross of Jesus is a 7-part series designed to help you focus your mind and heart on the cross during the season of Lent. Pause and study individual aspects of Jesus' cross to discover a fuller picture of Christ’s sacrifice, remember the profound implications of his death and resurrection, and cultivate a deeper gratitude for what Jesus Christ endured on our behalf.

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Words from the Cross

Words from the Cross is a seven-part Bible study podcast from Groundwork, intended for the season of Lent. In a season of repentance, self-denial, and prayer, meditate on Christ’s Words from the Cross, reflect on their meaning, and let them focus your heart on our salvation through his death and resurrection. 

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Spiritual Disciplines

The Spiritual Disciplines: What are they? And why do they take so much . . . discipline?

Join Groundwork to rediscover the spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, study, service, giving, and silence, and why they are so indispensable to the disciple of Jesus Christ.

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Seven Deadly Sins

What makes these particular sins so “deadly”?

Join Groundwork for an in-depth discussion to examine this ancient list of infamous vices and explore their biblical antidotes.

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Ruth: Surprised by God's Providence

Long before it was cool, the book of Ruth featured a strong female lead. Join Groundwork to discover how a young widow stepped boldly forward in faith to receive God’s provision and redemption. Let the story of Ruth strengthen your confidence to trust, obey, and actively receive the providence of God.

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Finding Strength and Support in Scripture

Those suffering from dementia, anxiety, depression, and chronic illness or pain often wonder where God is in their suffering. “Finding Strength and Support in Scripture” is a four-part Bible study podcast series and ebook from Groundwork to help you or someone you love draw power from God’s Word to not just cope, but actually grow in faith and closeness with Jesus while living with a physical or mental health condition.

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