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Getting the Most From Groundwork: Dig Deep into Scripture

We’re glad you found Groundwork and pray that digging into scripture with us will edify your faith as you grow deeper in relationship with the Lord.

With Groundwork, you can count on a substantive conversation, rooted in scripture, that will both challenge and encourage you. But that’s not all. We’ve designed a robust listening experience, study resources like the episode guides, and blogs to assist and guide you as you think about how the scriptures affect your life.

Join me for a quick tour of Groundwork’s media experience to get the most of all that Groundwork has to offer.

Audio Player

Prominently displayed on both the Groundwork homepage and every episode page, you’ll see the audio player with its intuitive features.

Hover over “play audio” on the left side of the audio player to highlight the play/pause button. As you listen, you’ll be able to see both time elapsed and time remaining.

On the right side of the audio player you’ll find three useful icons. The first icon that looks like a sheet of paper gives you easy access to the episode transcript from the audio player. On the homepage you can also access the transcript using the green “View Transcript” button above the audio player. There’s more about this great transcript feature below!

If you like what you hear and want to share the episode on social media, click the middle share icon to reveal quick links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Finally to listen to Groundwork on the go, click the download arrow icon to the far right to download the episode directly to your computer. Depending on the your browser and settings, the mp3 file will either automatically begin downloading or take you to a new page where you can right-click the player and select “Save Audio As” to begin the download.

Additional Episode Features

From the homepage it’s simple to find more resources to help you dig deeper into each Groundwork episode or series. To find more episode-related content, click the green “Go to Episode” button on the homepage.

On each episode page you’ll find:

  • The same audio player and transcript features found on the homepage

  • Host and guest bios

  • Episode Guide

  • Links to related content like other episodes and blogs


As another resource for you, we also made transcripts available for each Groundwork  conversation. I really like this transcript feature. We purposely built it to interact with the audio.

You’ll notice that the audio player remains available at the top of the transcript, making it easy to pause if you’re following along. If you want to skip ahead in the audio or go back to relisten, just click directly in the audio player and the transcript will automatically scroll to match your progress in the audio. Similarly, if you click the hyperlinked timecodes on the right side of the transcript, the audio will sync up and automatically start playing at the point you selected.

Episode Guides

The Groundwork podcast itself is a wealth of information and thoughtful conversation to help you dig deeply into God’s word. Yet, it can also feel like just the beginning. That’s why we created an Episode Guide as a supplemental resource for each program. You can use this resource for individual study and engagement or as a discussion guide for a small group Bible study.

The episode guides include questions for reflection designed to encourage you to spend more time interacting with the topic and theme of the episode and to think about how they affect your life. Episode guides also recommend related scripture passages so you can continue studying what the Bible says about the episode’s topic.  

To locate the easily downloadable Episode Guide PDF, simply click the “Episode Guide” link under Dig Deeper on the right side of an episode page.

Related Content

If you’re curious about the voices you hear on Groundwork, or if you’d like to find more content related to a particular topic or series, you’ll find everything you need in the menu on the right side of an episode page.

At the top of that menu, you’ll see links to host and featured guest bios for that episode. Below, we’ve listed direct links to other episodes in the series and related blog posts.

Additional Elements of Groundwork

The navigation bar at the top of every page also offers more useful resources from Groundwork.

Episode Library

The home page is a great place to discover our most recent Groundwork conversations. Simply scroll down the page to see both the most recent episodes and series. But to access all past episodes or search for a particular topic or series, use Groundwork’s Episode Library. 

Once in the library you’ll see a drop down menu in on the right side of the library search bar that gives you the option to view the library by episode or by series.

For a site-wide search use the search icon in the top right corner of every page.


To dig even deeper into what we’re studying on Groundwork, visit our Groundwork blog page. There you can scroll through most recent posts or use the menu on the right side to find what we’ve written on various topics.

Interact and Connect with Groundwork

We know listening to a half-hour podcast is a commitment, and for many of us that means listening when it’s convenient. Groundwork is available online 24/7. Or, you can listen on-the-go by subscribing to the Groundwork podcast on iTunes or on your mobile device,simply click the microphone icon at the bottom of any page.

I also invite you to check us out on Facebook for exclusive inspirational content and to join the conversation in our moderated community. Find us at

Thanks for joining me on this brief tour of I hope you’ve discovered something new or found a tool to help you strengthen the foundations of your life and grow deeper in relationship with the Lord.

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