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Finding Comfort in God’s Word: When Life is Anything But Normal

In times of trouble, our human instinct is to turn to sources of authority for answers. For Christians, this often means seeking answers in the Bible. This is good and right. We know that our lives are marked by faith, not fear, and that God’s Word has unshakable promises of assurance for us: words of comfort. We have times in life when we experience extremely negative circumstances for the very first time. They shake us. Whether it’s a death, divorce, job loss, diagnosis of a serious illness, pandemic or some other unwelcome, life-changing event, we experience real loss, anxiety, and doubt. Many would ask, “Where is God in all this?”

In the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people around the globe are experiencing an unprecedented loss: the loss of control, freedom of movement, sense of security, and even the understanding of what is normal. All this is due to the emergence and rapid spread of a life-threatening virus. In times like these, we scramble for explanations to make sense of our new reality. We seek a solid foundation to cling to as life spins out of our control. The promises in God’s Word offer us the steadfast assurance we desperately need; all we need to do is read the Bible.

Where do we turn? 

So, where do we begin? If you’re longing for something you can count on during a time of uncertainty; if you desire to know God’s peace in the turmoil; if you need words of promise that match the gravity of the situation you’re in, then we invite you to join Groundwork for our “Words of Comfort” series. Together, we’ll study some of the most comforting passages in God’s Word, scriptures that bring God’s peace and comfort in times of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, or grief. Especially in these times, God’s Word offers what mere human words cannot.

Discover Bible passages that speak 

In these four studies from the “Words of Comfort” series, we’ll examine biblical passages that contain foundational truths about God’s love and his promises for us.

Episodes include: 

  • God of All Comfort in which we explore 2 Corinthians 1, a passage we can share with each other in order to remind us that God is our only source of true comfort.
  • Finding Comfort When We Face the Unknown examines Psalm 121, a psalm rich with words that can bring us encouragement and comfort when worry and fear threaten to overtake us.
  • Comfort in Times of Community Crisis addresses the question, “what should we do when a crisis threatens the security of a whole community?” We’ll discover why Psalm 46 is a go-to psalm for many pastors who are asked to speak words of comfort to a community, nation, or even the world in times of crisis or disaster.
  • Comfort for the Troubled in Heart leans into the words of Jesus Christ himself in John 14. We find a way forward in Jesus’ promises to his disciples, important truths that provide comfort when situations are way out of our control.

Perhaps you need to be reminded or you long to share with someone else the peace, comfort, and assurance that faith in the God of the Bible provides. Either way, we can turn to these compelling biblical passages when we desire to hear or share words of comfort rooted in our faith.

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