Jordan Gorveatte

How to Use an Audio Bible Study

An audio Bible study, or Bible study podcast, is one way you can enrich your faith life and deepen your personal study of Scripture. These studies are often produced as part of a series that focuses on a specific biblical theme or passage. Incorporating audio Bible studies into your devotional life is a great way to expand your biblical literacy and dig deeper in your study of God’s Word. So, how do you use an audio Bible study?


 Before you listen, read over the passage(s) the study will cover once or twice. Make initial observations and write down any questions you might have. If your study comes with an accompanying study guide, read anything else that’s included there. Finally, before you begin, pray and ask God to speak to you through this study in whatever ways he wants to.


When listening to the study, make sure you are in a place you can keep focused. Listen with your full attention, making note of any quotes or ideas that speak to you or challenge you. When the host reads a verse or Scripture passage, follow along in your own Bible if it’s helpful. And don’t hesitate to pause or replay a section if you need time to digest it more fully.


Once you’ve finished listening to the audio, take time to reflect. Groundwork provides episode study guides with additional questions, verses, and reflections that are particularly helpful at this time. You may also wish to continue to process the information you’ve just heard with God in prayer, asking him how this applies to your life and what he wants to teach you through it. Write down the most important takeaways and make note of anything you want to study more deeply in the future.


If you’re working through this study in a group, share with one another what you have learned. Ask your group members any outstanding questions you might still have and commit to praying for one another as you seek to apply these biblical teachings to your life. If you’re working through this study alone, ask God to give you opportunities to share what you’ve learned with those in your life in the coming week—through words or actions.

As you seek to go deeper in your relationship with God, consider incorporating an audio Bible study into your regular devotional practice. We pray that God will enrich your fellowship with him through your increasing knowledge of his Word.

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