Courtney Jacob

The Last Teachings of Christ

As we walk through daily life and encounter situations that challenge our faith, many of us wonder “did Jesus say anything about this?” It’s the kind of well-intentioned thinking that makes red-letter Bibles and catch phrases like “WWJD” popular. When it comes to understanding what God desires of us, we want answers “straight from the horse’s mouth” as the saying goes. And for Christians, Jesus Christ—the Son of God—possesses all authority.

Lent is the season Christians designate to reflect on and prepare for the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection on Easter (to learn more about Lent, read our Groundwork blog “A Short Version of the Long History of Lent” by Chris Hunt). On Groundwork, we’re observing Lent by looking at Jesus’ authority and focusing in on what he says and teaches during Holy Week: the last week of Jesus’ life on earth, between Palm Sunday and Easter.

Jesus Teaches During Holy Week

Jesus had quite a lot to say before his death. From the time he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday until his death on Good Friday, Jesus kept busy. In general, most Christians focus on the main events of Holy Week like Palm Sunday; the Lord’s Supper on Maundy Thursday; Jesus’ arrest, trial and death on Good Friday; and his resurrection Easter morning. But from Sunday to Thursday, Jesus and his disciples were also busy.  Jesus taught in the temple, engaged questions from his disciples and religious teachers, and provided his followers important guidance for the future.

These are the teachings Groundwork will focus on in it’s “The Last Teachings of Christ” series. As we enter the Christian season of Lent on Groundwork, we’ll ask, as Jesus anticipated his death,

  • What did he teach?

  • What injustices did he confront?

  • What warnings or admonitions did he give his followers?

By examining these last teachings of Jesus, we gain valuable understanding about how God wants our faith to guide our thoughts and our actions. Jesus’ teachings show us how God wants us to engage in the world.

Taking Jesus’ Last Teachings to Heart

I invite you to join us and become students of Jesus Christ through our Groundwork series, “The Last Teachings of Christ.”

...and together we’ll follow the Holy Spirit’s guide through Jesus’ teaching, allowing it to transform our hearts and lives as we prepare to remember again the life-changing death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.

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