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Transcripts Make Groundwork Bible Studies More Accessible

Jane almost quit her Bible study for good.

As a member at Erskine Presbyterian Church in Hamilton, Ontario, Jane loved her Tuesday night Bible study. But hearing loss made it harder and harder for her to understand what was being said in the videos the group watched and to take part in the discussions.

Eventually, Jane reached a point when she felt that she missed so much it wasn’t worth it to continue to come. So she dropped out of the group.

“I really missed the other members,” Jane recalls.

But Kathy, the Bible study’s leader, wanted to do whatever it took to help Jane grow in the Bible study. Visually impaired, Kathy had experienced her own frustration in feeling like she was missing out on her own spiritual development. “If I’m doing a devotional or a Bible study and the speaker references a Bible passage,” said Kathy, “I usually have to switch programs to a Bible reader, look up the passage, and then return to the devotional program.” Kathy really appreciated how Groundwork and our sister program, the Today devotional, are audio-based. 

“I’ve been listening on my own for years and years and years,” says Kathy.

Kathy recognized that Groundwork might have a solution to Jane’s hearing challenges as well. Every Groundwork episode includes a printable transcript! Kathy suggested the group switch to Groundwork so Jane could return to the Bible study. 

“I’ll be there!” Jane responded.

Immediately, the transcripts allowed Jane to follow along with each episode. The other members of the Bible study appreciated the transcripts, too.

“Soon everyone wanted the transcript,” laughed Kathy. “One member even says that she goes back to them when she feels down to make her feel better.” In addition to the transcripts, Kathy appreciates that Groundwork Bible studies feature discussion questions for each episode that supplement her own questions.

Printed transcripts made it possible for Jane to be part of that discussion again. Feel free to check them out for yourself or your small group too.

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