Searching Blog: #Advent

It can be easy to get distracted by the activity and sentiment of the Christmas season but the fact that the Son of God became human is a life-changing truth that deserves our attention. Studying the Apostle Paul’s teaching about the incarnation gives us the opportunity to marvel anew at the profound significance of Christ’s birth and its eternal impact on our lives.

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Christopher Hunt

What Is Advent About Today?

Advent is a time we wait on Christ in hopeful expectation, to reflect on our need for a Savior, to celebrate his coming, and to watch for his return.

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Courtney Jacob

The Christmas Thread

Like a single thread woven through a garment, the promise of Christmas is woven through all of scripture. Study “The Christmas Thread” with Groundwork and deepen your appreciation for the immense gift of salvation initiated by Jesus Christ’s birth.

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Discover renewed hope and comfort this Advent season by exploring how Isaiah’s names for and descriptions of the Messiah do indeed point to Jesus Christ.

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