Searching Blog: #Holy Spirit

Join Groundwork as we study the stories of Ascension Day and Pentecost, the origins of Jesus’ command to share our faith. Learn about the gift of the Holy Spirit who equips us, gain a biblical understanding of evangelism, and seek the encouragement and confidence we need to share our faith in our daily lives.

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Christopher Hunt

Do You Know the Seven Deadly Sins?

How well do you know the Seven Deadly Sins, pride, envy, anger, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust? Society takes a light view of them even though most would agree each sin produces bitter fruit. Inspired by scripture, the seven sins illustrate a set of attitudes to be combated and conquered by the fruits of the Holy Spirit in a Christian's life.

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Consider the relationship between the head and the heart in the act of confession and reflect on the influence each has on our willingness to admit our identity as sinners.

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