Gary Burge

Gary Burge is a speaker, author, theologian, and the Visiting Professor of New Testament at Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For more information, visit

Recent Episodes featuring Gary Burge:

The Gospel of MarkJuly 12 , 2019

Jesus Changes Our Perspective

Will we acknowledge Jesus as our Messiah, the Son of God and in faith open our hearts and minds to hear the transformational insight and wisdom he shares?​

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The Gospel of MarkJune 28 , 2019

Jesus' Secret

Jesus repeatedly warns anyone who calls him the Son of God or the Messiah to not tell anyone. Why? What does this teach us about who Jesus is and what he came to do?

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The Gospel of MarkJune 14 , 2019

Jesus on the Move

Study Mark’s stories of Jesus' earthly ministry and recognize the power and authority of Jesus still on the move, in and through his people, today.

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