7 Deadly Sins

February 1, 2013 – March 15, 2013

7 Deadly Sins

You do not have to look far to find books, cartoon depictions, or movies about the seven sins deemed most perilous to humanity. What is it about pride, envy, anger, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust that make these sins particularly deadly? Is it the attitudes themselves, or the actions they produce, that prove most fatal? In this Groundwork series we study the ancient list of the Seven Deadly Sins by examining scriptural examples of what these sins look like in order to better understand what they are, what they are not, and their consequences. We also study the scriptural antidotes for these infamous sins that help us heed the Holy Spirit’s call to be continually made over into the image of Christ Jesus our Lord.

Episodes in this Series

7 Deadly SinsFebruary 1 , 2013


Is taking pride in your work or accomplishments wrong? Why is pride listed first in the 7 Deadly Sins? Join Groundwork as we dig into scripture for a better understanding of pride & the 7 Deadly Sins.

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7 Deadly SinsFebruary 8 , 2013


Envy is a sin that can easily hide under the surface in our lives. If we aren't careful there are messages in our media and culture ready to help us compare ourselves to someone else's standard of beautiful or successful. In those moments, have you ever wished someone would fail just so they'd know how you feel? If you’ve ever been tempted to feel that way, then you’re struggling with the deadly sin of Envy. Let’s talk about envy and how the Holy Spirit can help us battle it in our lives.

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7 Deadly SinsFebruary 15 , 2013


Anger is the sin that will most quickly lead to injury, the sin which is swiftest to shed blood. If anger is so dangerous in us, is there really even such a thing as righteous anger? How can we best be cautious to keep any type of anger from leading to down a regret-filled path? Let's dig into scripture today to learn about anger and what we can do about it.

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7 Deadly SinsFebruary 22 , 2013


When it comes to the sin of sloth, a lot of people think that this is what sloth is: it's laziness, it's the couch potato, it's having low energy in life. But is that really what the sin of sloth is? Or is it something that can consume perfectly active people, too? Today on Groundwork, let's talk about sloth.

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7 Deadly SinsMarch 1 , 2013


Greed: the love of possessing found in the list of seven deadly sins. What does the sinful love of possessing do to us spiritually? How can the Holy Spirit help re-orient our perspective? This week on Groundwork we turn to scripture to answer these crucial questions.

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7 Deadly SinsMarch 8 , 2013


Of all the seven deadly sins gluttony is probably the one that is most personally embarrassing. But before you excuse yourself and think, at least I don't have trouble with that one; perhaps you should stop and join Groundwork as we dig into scripture to discover what this sin actually involves.

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7 Deadly SinsMarch 15 , 2013


Lust, the sin of overwhelming or intense sexual desire, can creep into our thoughts and our actions before we realize it. In our sexually saturated culture, it's no surprise Christians too struggle with the sin of lust. But God doesn't leave us lost in that sin - this week on Groundwork we discuss the reality of this sin and the Spirit who can lead us another way.

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