Advent Waiting

December 3, 2015 – December 24, 2015

Advent Waiting

Advent is a season of waiting and preparation for the coming of Christ, the promised and longed for Messiah. We use words like longing, anticipation, and expectation to describe what that waiting feels like. In this Groundwork series we study the traditional Advent themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love to remind ourselves why we wait, what we're waiting for, and how we should live while we wait.

Episodes in this Series

Advent WaitingDecember 3 , 2015

Waiting in Hope

We are people waiting in hope. As Advent and the Christmas season begin, let's turn to scripture to remind ourselves where our hopes are rooted, what we hope for, and how to live as people waiting in hope.

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Advent WaitingDecember 10 , 2015

Waiting for Peace

Do you long for a moment of peace? What images come to mind when you think about that peace - a cup of hot coffee, a blanket by a warm fire, a colorful sunset? Discover God's peace through our discussion on Groundwork as we study images of that peace found in Isaiah and discuss how waiting for Christ also means being people of shalom.

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Advent WaitingDecember 17 , 2015

Waiting with Joy

Joy may seem hard to find when life's demands get overwhelming or in times we experience grief and sadness. Yet for faithful believers, joy is always possible.

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Advent WaitingDecember 24 , 2015

Waiting with Love

As we celebrate God's gift of love to us this Christmas, we also think about what it looks like to wait for Christ's second advent and reflect a Christmas love all year long.

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