Basic Christianity

October 7, 2016 – November 4, 2016

Basic Christianity

What do Christians believe? In this Groundwork series, we'll study the biblical foundations that provide the basis for the core beliefs of the Christian faith. We'll discuss many topics, including who God is and what he's done; the nature of humanity; God's salvation and how this salvation comes to us; how we respond to salvation; and the kingdom of God. Whether you're new to the Christian faith or have been a disciple of Christ for many years, studying scripture to discover the roots of our faith reminds us of our past, teaches us to live as God's people in the present, and fills us with hope and assurance for the future.

Episodes in this Series

Basic ChristianityOctober 7 , 2016

Who is God?

The Bible is about God, but who is this God? Explore scripture to answer some basic questions about the person, nature, and character of our almighty God and to discover the biblical foundations for our core Christian beliefs about the God we worship.

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Basic ChristianityOctober 14 , 2016

Knowing Our True Identity

At our core, are humans naturally good or prone to evil? More personally, we ask: who am I? What shapes my identity? Study scripture to discover the biblical foundation for the basic Christian belief that humans are both children of God created in his image and sinners in need of a savior.

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Basic ChristianityOctober 21 , 2016

God's Salvation Plan

God’s plan for maintaining his covenant relationship with us and bringing salvation is completely unfathomable by human standards. Discover how Jesus’ humility and weakness conquer death and accomplish God’s ultimate redemption of humanity.

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Basic ChristianityOctober 28 , 2016

Grace, Faith, and Becoming Holy

Salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ is one of the most crucial beliefs at the heart of Christianity. Together let's study scripture to discover the biblical foundations for this belief and why it’s not a “get out of jail free card,” but a call to holiness.

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Basic ChristianityNovember 4 , 2016

The Kingdom of God

What is life in God’s kingdom like? When will it finally and fully be reality? Join us as we study scripture to discover what life looks like in God’s kingdom, why Christians believe it’s both already here and not yet fully realized, and how we live as kingdom citizens now.

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