Christian Virtues

December 30, 2011 – January 20, 2012

Christian Virtues

Virtue is the “art of living well.” Since most of us desire to live well, we strive to live virtuous lives. Google virtue and you are bound to discover varying lists of virtues, but there are uniquely Christian virtues: faith, hope, and love. Yes, you might find culture touting these virtues, but there is a depth to them that is only achieved in relationship with Christ. In this Groundwork series we study scriptures that will help us better understand what it means to live a life with Christian virtues, discover the depth of faith, hope, and love unique to Christianity, and discuss how we can live into these virtues even when the odds might be against us.

Episodes in this Series

Christian VirtuesDecember 30 , 2011

The Christian Virtues

What qualifications do we use to decide whether a person is "good"? Let's talk about virtues and what it means to be Christlike.

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Christian VirtuesJanuary 6 , 2012


As Christians, faith is a huge part of our religion. But what exactly IS faith and how do we get it?

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Christian VirtuesJanuary 13 , 2012


Hope is in short supply today. Does it make sense to have hope in a world like ours? Can we have any kind of real personal hope even in the face of inevitable death?

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Christian VirtuesJanuary 20 , 2012


How much is love really reflected in our culture? Is it the same love the Bible describes?

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