Christlike Virtues

January 5, 2024 – February 9, 2024

Christlike Virtues

How does our belief in Jesus Christ as our Savior impact our character and our actions? What characteristics should be evident in our lives as followers of Jesus Christ? Thankfully, God has provided plenty of guidance for us in the Bible. In this Groundwork series, we will study Christlike virtues of compassion, humility, thankfulness, gratitude, generosity, truthfulness, and forgiveness that the apostle Paul urges believers to “put on” in Colossians 3:1-17 and Ephesians 4:17-32. Together, we will look at passages in the gospels where Jesus displays these characteristics and discuss how they can shape the way we live so that we reflect Christ to those around us today.

Episodes in this Series

Christlike VirtuesJanuary 5 , 2024


Witness the compassionate character of Christ, and discover why apostle Paul identifies compassion as a defining characteristic in followers of Jesus and what it looks like in our everyday lives.

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Christlike VirtuesJanuary 12 , 2024


Join Groundwork as we explore Scripture to discover the biblical understanding of humility, to identify what humility is not, and to witness and learn from how Christ demonstrated humility here on earth.

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Christlike VirtuesJanuary 19 , 2024

Thankfulness and Gratitude

Why are thanksgiving and gratitude important virtues for Jesus' followers to cultivate? Join Groundwork as we explore the Scriptures to answer this question.

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Christlike VirtuesJanuary 26 , 2024


Discover why generosity is an important virtue for Christ's followers to cultivate and how we can lean into God's abundant generosity to nurture our own.

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Christlike VirtuesFebruary 2 , 2024


Together, let's explore Scripture to discover what it means to be truthful, how it shapes our lives and faith, and how we can practically embody the Christlike virtue of truthfulness in everyday life.

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Christlike VirtuesFebruary 9 , 2024


Let's dig into Scripture to better understand what it means to forgive, why we forgive, what forgiveness requires of us, and how we can cultivate it in our lives even when it takes time and hard work.

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