Ecclesiastes: Wisdom for Life

February 11, 2022 – February 25, 2022

Ecclesiastes: Wisdom for Life

What is the meaning of life? Does anything matter? Is there anything of lasting value in this life? If you’ve ever asked yourself one of these questions, you are not alone. All people desire to find meaning and create value for their lives. But as believers and followers of Christ, we do not want just any meaning for life, we want God’s meaning for our lives. In Ecclesiastes, the Teacher explores the meaning of life and searches for lasting value. He considers wisdom, knowledge, pleasure, work, and time, but comes away from his search with a cynical and unsettling view: life is meaningless. In this Groundwork series, we’ll examine the major themes in Ecclesiastes, we’ll discuss what we can learn from the Teacher, and see how he helps us evaluate life through the context of our faith. 

Episodes in this Series

Ecclesiastes: Wisdom for LifeFebruary 11 , 2022

When Life is Meaningless

​Does life ever feel repetitive, monotonous? Discover what we can learn about our life of faith and where we can find value, meaning, and hope when life feels meaningless.

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Ecclesiastes: Wisdom for LifeFebruary 18 , 2022

A Wise Perspective on Work

Discover some insightful wisdom in Ecclesiastes about work and our identity, about why our motivation for work matters, about work/life balance, and about the secret for finding joy and satisfaction in our work.

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Ecclesiastes: Wisdom for LifeFebruary 25 , 2022

Finding Meaning in Life and the Passing of Time

Learn how our understanding of time can help us engage wisely in all seasons of life and discover encouragement and advice for finding hope and meaning in life.

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