August 20, 2010 – October 8, 2010


Much like today, as the gospel began to spread around the world early Christians had the challenge of discerning between truth, half-truths, and blatant fallacies surrounding the gospel message of salvation and how they should live as a result. In this Groundwork series we study the biblical book of Galatians to glean from the messages Paul shared with the early believers as he helps them – and us – discern the truths of salvation, justification, faith, right living, and living in community.

Episodes in this Series

GalatiansAugust 20 , 2010

No Other Gospel

What is true Christianity? What's the authentic Gospel message? The Bible gives us the tools to discern false teaching from its own right teaching.

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GalatiansAugust 27 , 2010

Gospel Helper or Sell Out?

Our behavior is a key part of how we communicate the gospel. But sometimes how we live obscures the gospel message. Is it ever okay to be flexible with our behavior in an effort to remove stumbling blocks to the faith for someone else? Or is that just selling out?

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GalatiansSeptember 3 , 2010

Right with God?

The more we learn about God, the more we see how incapable we are to do what God desires. Can we ever be sure that we are truly saved? Dig into scripture and discover how salvation works and why we can be certain we are right with God.

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GalatiansSeptember 10 , 2010

Free From the Curse

In Galatians we’re reminded that faith in Christ makes us right with God, but what good is following God’s law if it doesn’t do anything to save us from our sinful nature?

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GalatiansSeptember 17 , 2010

One in Christ

One of our greatest human desires is to belong. How do the law AND the gospel address our divisive society?

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GalatiansSeptember 24 , 2010

Living Free

When you think of freedom, do you associate responsibility with it or as its opposite? Liberty, license, and responsibility. These are the three main ideas found in our next section of Galatians. How does the apostle Paul include them in Christian freedom?

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GalatiansOctober 1 , 2010

Fruit of the Spirit

Living in the good news of Christ frees us from the condemnation of Old Testament law. Once we’ve received freedom, what do we do with it? Our next study of Galatians addresses that question by talking about internal conflict, spiritual warfare, and the Fruit of the Spirit of Galatians 5.

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GalatiansOctober 8 , 2010

Living the Good Life Together

Our study of Galatians shows us that in Christ we are set free. We are no longer bound in sin. We have the freedom to live life, but our lives are not isolated, they are intertwined with the lives of many people. What responsibility do we have for other people? What does this freedom look like for the body of Christ, his church?

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