Global Church—Global Mission

October 15, 2010 – November 19, 2010

Global Church—Global Mission

What exactly is the church? We call buildings churches, we call institutions churches, we call groups of people churches. So what or who did Jesus want the church to be? And what mission did he give the church? In this Groundwork series we study scripture to discover the biblical definition of church and the biblical mandate for what the church should be doing on earth. We discuss how the church on earth is doing this well, what continues to need work, and what this means practically for each of us individually.

Episodes in this Series

Global Church—Global MissionOctober 15 , 2010

The Church: It's Not What It Used to Be

Have you ever sat in church, looked around you, and thought “Things sure have changed”? Or maybe you’ve noticed shifts in Christianity around the world, a concern for the global church as well as the local church. How does the Church’s current reality line up with the biblical nature of the Church?

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Global Church—Global MissionOctober 22 , 2010

The One, Fractured Church

A critic would point out that the ‘one’ church isn’t one. It’s fractured beyond belief. Churches and denominations continue to split, creating a splintered, broken world of Christianity. So what does it mean to speak of the unity of the church? Special guest Peter Borgdorff joins the conversation to discuss Ephesians 4 and what it means to confess the church is ‘one.”

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Global Church—Global MissionOctober 29 , 2010

The Holy, Sinful Church

Humans are sinful, so are Christians, yet the church is holy. Some people can’t stand the church because they say it’s full of hypocrites. So does it make sense to say a community of sinners is the holy church? What difference does this identity make for a local community of faith?

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Global Church—Global MissionNovember 5 , 2010

Picking a Church in a Buyer's Market

Sometimes looking for a new church can seem a bit like looking at a bowl of alphabet soup. Most communities have more than one church, there are the local Baptists, Assemblies of God, Lutherans, Methodists, and Reformed congregations, or you can find the nearest Non-Denominational church. What does it all mean and how do you go about picking a church?

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Global Church—Global MissionNovember 12 , 2010

Missions in a Facebook Age

Acts 1:8 stretches the Church from Jerusalem to Judea to the ends of the earth, this is this has long been the support for mission work. But the world today is closer at hand, we are easily connected with people all over the world by the click of a button. So what does a missionary look like today and has missions changed in this age of online social networking? Special guests Doug Van Bronkhorst and Eric, a young missionary to Central Asia.

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Global Church—Global MissionNovember 19 , 2010

Christ & Culture

We often think that our religion is separate from our culture, but is it really? How easy is it to distinguish between a cultural practice and a religious practice? Take this a step further and we wonder, how does the relationship between religion and culture affect the relationship between Christians and Muslims both in the Middle East and here in North America? Special guest Monsieur (name changed to protect identity), an expert on the Middle East, joins us to discuss these questions.

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