Gospel Beginnings

November 30, 2012 – December 28, 2012

Gospel Beginnings

Have you ever wondered why the four gospels tell the same story different ways? Why don’t they all start in the same place or have the same stories? Each of the four gospels begins by introducing Jesus to us. Each of the four gospel writers has the same purpose in his introduction; he wants to show who Jesus is and why his story should be considered. The evangelists are all concerned at the outset with establishing Jesus' identity and thus his significance. But they go about doing this in different ways. In this Groundwork series we anticipate Christ’s birth by studying the similarities and differences of the gospel books: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, then discuss the significance of each different perspective for shaping our faith and our understanding of Jesus Christ.

Episodes in this Series

Gospel BeginningsNovember 30 , 2012

Gospel Beginnings: Matthew

Why does Matthew begin his gospel with a genealogy? Discover Matthew's purpose and what this long list of names reveals to us about the Gospel message.

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Gospel BeginningsDecember 7 , 2012

Gospel Beginnings: Mark

The gospel writer of Mark has an important story to share and he's not going to waste any words: "The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God." Good news is here, and it has come in the person of Jesus. Learn why Mark starts his introduction to Jesus with John the Baptist.

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Gospel BeginningsDecember 14 , 2012

Gospel Beginnings: Luke

Did you know that most of the stories we include when we tell the story of Jesus birth come from the book of Luke? Join the conversation to see how Luke helps us celebrate the advent of our Savior.

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Gospel BeginningsDecember 21 , 2012

Gospel Beginnings: John

We already have the story of Jesus' birth in Matthew, Mark, & Luke - what more can John have to say? Quite a lot! The opening chapter of John's gospel gives us a cosmic perspective that reveals some of the deepest truths about Jesus Christ and creates the foundation for beliefs at the root of our Christian faith.

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Gospel BeginningsDecember 28 , 2012

Gospel Beginnings: What Happened Next?

When Christmas is over, when the angels have sun their songs, when the shepherds depart the manger, what happens next? We go to the temple to learn more about this baby Jesus and observe as God continues to fulfill his promises.

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