Jesus Imagery

June 14, 2013 – July 5, 2013

Jesus Imagery

When the fullness of no less than Almighty God comes down to earth in human form, you would expect that God would bring so much to this world that you could never exhaust the possible ways of talking about it. The New Testament writers knew that was true of the Son of God, who was born Jesus of Nazareth. So, they reached for lots of images to describe various aspects of Jesus, In this Groundwork series we explore the rich biblical background of four truly great, illuminating images used to describe Jesus Christ: the Image of God, the Wisdom of God, the Lamb of God, and the Word of God.

Episodes in this Series

Jesus ImageryJune 14 , 2013

Jesus: The Word of God

The New Testament writers used lots of images to describe the various aspects of Jesus. This week we discuss why they called him the Word of God.

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Jesus ImageryJune 21 , 2013

Jesus: The Wisdom of God

When you ask someone to define "wisdom," it's common to get "wisdom is knowledge" as a response. But is that really all wisdom is? Let's talk about how God in Christ shows the world what true wisdom is.

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Jesus ImageryJune 28 , 2013

Jesus: The Image of God

Genesis tells us we are created in God's image. Writers in the New Testament tell us Jesus is the absolutely perfect Image of God. Let's talk about how these relate and how this description of Jesus helps us to live in ways that fulfill our created identity.

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Jesus ImageryJuly 5 , 2013

Jesus: The Lamb of God

One of the phrases we readily use to describe Jesus is "Lamb of God." We only encounter this image in one passage of the New Testament, and yet this powerful image tells us a lot about Jesus' purpose.

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