Jesus' Last Day

March 16, 2012 – April 6, 2012

Jesus' Last Day

How do you behave when life’s walls seem to be closing in on you? How do you go on when it seems like there is nothing left to live for or when your fondest hope gets dashed or a dream has apparently died? Jesus knows how this feels. If we follow the events of his last day, we can learn a lot about how we go on living. In this Groundwork series we study the events of Jesus last day to discover how we go on living in moments of desperation and despair. Then we study a story of what happens next to see where we can turn for hope in moments of hopelessness.

Episodes in this Series

Jesus' Last DayMarch 16 , 2012

In the Upper Room

The events that took place between Jesus and his disciples in the Upper Room have been important to Christians for a long time. What do we learn from the Upper Room?

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Jesus' Last DayMarch 23 , 2012

In the Garden

Jesus' words and actions in the Garden of Gethsemane teach us about not only his work of salvation but also about our lives as we follow him as disciples today.

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Jesus' Last DayMarch 30 , 2012

At Golgotha

Discover why it was necessary and vital for our salvation for Jesus Christ to die a gruesome and humiliating death on a cross.

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Jesus' Last DayApril 6 , 2012

On the Road

When your fondest hope gets dashed, when a dream has apparently died, when the bottom drops out on your life, where do you go? Is it possible that we'll find Jesus even there?

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