Jesus: the Lion and the Lamb

July 6, 2018 – July 13, 2018

Jesus: the Lion and the Lamb

The book of Revelation is an intriguing, puzzling mystery to many people, especially those who try to use it to understand world events. But when we read Revelation merely to decipher the End Times, we miss much of what it offers. Think of it as a glimpse of what's already happening right now, a glimpse behind the scenes that’s meant to comfort and assure (and not scare) the believer. In this Groundwork series, we'll focus on two images of Jesus Christ presented in Revelation 5:5-6: Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and Jesus, the Lamb who was slain. Together we'll discuss what these seemingly contradicting images of Jesus tell us about who Jesus is and how they offer us comfort and assurance in our lives today.

Episodes in this Series

Jesus: the Lion and the LambJuly 6 , 2018

Jesus, the Lion

The Revelation image of Jesus as a lion reveals a great deal about Jesus Christ's identity and provides believers immense comfort in the storms of life.

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Jesus: the Lion and the LambJuly 13 , 2018

Jesus, the Lamb

Discover why this Revelation image of a slain lamb bears fierce and powerful significance for us as individuals and as the Church.​

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