Justice in the Christian Life

July 16, 2010 – August 13, 2010

Justice in the Christian Life

We all desire justice in our lives and our communities. We’re rightly outraged by corruption and evil. Thankfully we believe in a just God. But what does biblical justice look like? Does it look the same as wrongs being righted or people getting what they rightly deserve? How does compassion fit? In this Groundwork series we study scripture passages that guide our understanding of biblical justice, help us recognize justice in the many contexts of our lives, and give instruction for how we can live justly.

Episodes in this Series

Justice in the Christian LifeJuly 16 , 2010

To Do Justice

Justice is a simple word with complex meaning. The biblical prophets often talk about justice, yet we tend to leave justice today to our government. What does it mean for us as Christians to do justice in the course of our daily lives?

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Justice in the Christian LifeJuly 23 , 2010

Justice & Worship

One of our defining acts as Christians is our worship. It is important for us to gather together as a community to glorify God together. Does Christian justice have a place in this weekly worship gathering? If so, what might that look like? Special Guest: Dr. John Witvliet

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Justice in the Christian LifeJuly 30 , 2010

Justice & Shalom

Today we look at what the Bible says about the goal of justice. What does doing justice look like in various aspects of Christian life? Do our individual acts of justice add up to anything? What type of world will this lead us to?

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Justice in the Christian LifeAugust 6 , 2010

Justice & Politics

The Christian understanding of justice is not only about right and wrong or fair consequences. It's also about transformation and reflecting God's kingdom here on earth. As Christians, how do we apply this idea of justice as transformation to our involvement in government and politics? Special Guest: Dr. Douglas Koopman

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Justice in the Christian LifeAugust 13 , 2010

Justice & Beauty

Talking about how justice intersects with faith is one thing, but as Christians we have to move beyond talk to action. This looks different for every person who tries to make this integration real in their own life. Find out how special guest Jonathan Bradford made justice personal, and how he lives out faith and justice every day.

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