Learning from Elijah

July 29, 2016 – August 19, 2016

Learning from Elijah

Movies and pop culture can lead us to view prophets as intimidating, larger-than-life, and full of judgment. There's an element of truth there, and it's true that much of Elijah's story involves judgment on Israel, but if we take the time to study the prophet Elijah we'll discover a simple man with doubts and faith like the rest of us. In this Groundwork series, we dig into the stories of this simple prophet Elijah to encounter a powerful God and discover that this God listens, cares, and remains involved in the lives of his people which provides roots for our faith and a basis for our hope.

Episodes in this Series

Learning from ElijahJuly 29 , 2016

God Cares and Provides

When times are tough and we’re on our knees, yet nothing seems to change, it can leave us questioning God’s promises and faithfulness. Join us in studying the stories of Elijah in 1 Kings 17 to remind ourselves just how far God’s care and provision extend.

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Learning from ElijahAugust 5 , 2016

Choose the One, True God

Every day we encounter challenges from culture and other religions that force us to define and explain God. Join Groundwork as we study 1 Kings 18 to see how God answers these challenges and challenges us to stop compromising and choose the one, true God.

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Learning from ElijahAugust 12 , 2016

God Listens and Whispers

When we feel overwhelmed or depressed or unjustly attacked and beaten down by the world, God is ready to listen to our complaints. Join Groundwork as we study 1 Kings 19 to discover our God who listens in our pain, then comforts and challenges us with a whisper.

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Learning from ElijahAugust 19 , 2016

God's Work Goes On

Many of us struggle with over-scheduling and repeatedly find ourselves over-committed. Yet we often wonder, “If I’m not around to do it, who will?” Join Groundwork in studying 2 Kings 2:1-18 to learn more about our servant participation in God’s kingdom work.

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