Life After Death

April 21, 2017 – May 5, 2017

Life After Death

What happens to my body and my soul when I die? Is my deceased loved one watching over me? Will I recognize my family in heaven? What is heaven like? Books describing near-death experiences and visions of heaven rise in popularity as we seek comfort to ease our anxiety of the unknown. But Christians already have hope for life after death. The Bible provides the answers we seek to our questions about heaven, hell, and the afterlife. Discover the hope Jesus Christ brings for life after death and what scripture says we can expect after death, both before and after Christ's second coming.

Episodes in this Series

Life After DeathApril 21 , 2017

What is Sheol?

Reflecting on Old Testament beliefs about “Sheol” leads us to explore our beliefs about life after death and how the reality of Jesus Christ emboldens our hope for more.

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Life After DeathApril 28 , 2017

Waiting for the Second Coming

What happens to my loved ones who died? What will happen to me? Discover what the Bible says happens to believers who die before Christ comes again.

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Life After DeathMay 5 , 2017

When Christ Returns

Discover the Bible's description of the end times, the kingdom Christ will usher in when he returns, and what it means for how we live now.

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