Ministry of Christ

January 14, 2011 – March 4, 2011

Ministry of Christ

Jesus’ completed his earthly ministry in a short few years. In such a short amount of time, what words and actions did he feel were most urgent to share with us? In this Groundwork series we study the events of Jesus ministry from the perspective of Matthew’s gospel to hear what Jesus had to say about our spiritual lives, our living, his identity, the kingdom of God, and more. Then we will discuss the practical implications of his teachings in our lives today.

Episodes in this Series

Ministry of ChristJanuary 14 , 2011

Ministry Launch

After Jesus' birth, the Bible doesn’t say much about his early life. It picks the story up again when Jesus begins his public ministry. Suddenly, Jesus begins getting a lot of attention. How is his ministry best described? What themes do we observe as we read of his teachings and travels?

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Ministry of ChristJanuary 21 , 2011

Living the Good Life (Beatitudes)

What would you say makes life “good”? Is it the people you know? The events you encounter? Or the things you have? In Matthew 5 Jesus teaches his disciples and a crowd of onlookers about his definition of a “good life.” What he says is surprising and puzzling. So how exactly does Jesus define the “good life”? Special Guest: Doug Van Bronkhorst

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Ministry of ChristJanuary 28 , 2011

Do the Rules Matter?

Expectations are part of life. We have expectations to meet at work, with family, and maybe personal expectations we hold for ourselves. What can be most frustrating are the times when we feel expectations are imposed on us by others. Some people think that the Church created all the rules associated with Christianity today. But is that true or did Jesus have expectations of his followers?

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Ministry of ChristFebruary 4 , 2011

Being Religious (According to Jesus)

How would you define spirituality? Is it thoughts or practices? Religious or separate from religion? Today, it is more common to hear people describe themselves as “spiritual.” Some will even say “I am spiritual, but not religious.” But what exactly does that mean and is it even possible to separate spirituality from religion?

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Ministry of ChristFebruary 11 , 2011

Searching for Financial Freedom

Money often lies behind our feelings of anxiety. But as Jesus walked in our shoes he spoke to these concerns and worries. How can we resolve our fears and find a real sense of peace within ourselves?

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Ministry of ChristFebruary 18 , 2011

The Great Physician

There are many of the wonderful stories in the New Testament gospels about Jesus Christ healing lepers, giving sight to the blind, or curing insufferable diseases. Can we still believe in his power to heal? What about when he doesn’t heal us like we think he should?

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Ministry of ChristFebruary 25 , 2011

Storm at Sea

What can we learn about discipleship, both for ourselves and also for how we share the challenge of discipleship with others, from watching Jesus calm the storm at sea?

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Ministry of ChristMarch 4 , 2011

The Transfiguration

There is a moment in Jesus' ministry that seems magical or other-wordly. Jesus’ outward appearance changes and he is joined by two of the great, but long-gone, prophets of the Old Testament. What are we supposed to make of this story now?

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