New Testament Memos

November 6, 2015 – November 27, 2015

New Testament Memos

As the church began to form, the Apostles often wrote letters to new and existing churches when they could not visit in person. The letters celebrated faithfulness to the gospel, encouraged steadfast living, and corrected wayward teachings. This Groundwork series studies the four shortest letters in the New Testament: Philemon, 2 John, 3 John, and Jude to discover what these succinct memos teach us about living faithfully for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Episodes in this Series

New Testament MemosNovember 6 , 2015

Sacrificial Love

Philemon might be a short book, but it’s a powerful letter. Find out how this memo from Paul to Philemon redefines the body of Christ and challenges us to live a difficult kind of love.

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New Testament MemosNovember 13 , 2015

In Truth and Love

Have you ever felt like you’ve had make a choice between living what you know is true and compromising that truth to show someone love? Join our Groundwork discussion as we dig into 2 John to discover what it really means to live our faith in truth and love and why both are crucial to defending our faith against the antichrist.

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New Testament MemosNovember 20 , 2015

Recognize and Imitate Good

The church is full of hypocrites, it’s true. The best Christians are still sinful humans. So join Groundwork as we turn to scripture and study the letter of 3 John for help discerning which Christian leaders are worth following and which are not.

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New Testament MemosNovember 27 , 2015

Contend for the Faith

Charisma easily blinds us from seeing lies. Promoting part of a teaching and rejecting another leads to confusion. Join Groundwork as we study Jude’s urgent memo to remain vigilant, recognize perversions of the gospel truth, and commit ourselves to God who can uphold us.

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