Single Episodes

April 16, 2010 – May 7, 2021

Single Episodes

On occasion Groundwork records individual programs that are not connected with a larger series. If you’re looking for a program that you remember hearing but don’t think it was part of a series, check here! You will find Groundwork episodes that dig into scripture on a variety of topics like money, faith, confession, skepticism, and more. You will also find the tribute episode that honors the life of late Groundwork host, Bob Heerspink.

Episodes in this Series

Single EpisodesApril 16 , 2010

Is the Bible True?

We live in a world where knowledge is power, the amount we know increases daily. But for every cause, there's an effect, every action a consequence. So how do we navigate these waters? Can the Bible be a verifiable measuring stick for how we use our knowledge about science, human nature, and movies? Where do we find answers?

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Single EpisodesApril 23 , 2010

Faith & Skepticism

As Christians, we sometimes feel like we have to project the image of being all put together, of having all the answers. We don’t want to share the gospel message with other people and admit that there are areas of confusion and doubt. So we often don’t voice our skepticism and instead stick to issues that don’t touch our own lives too closely, or that aren't necessarily deep or controversial. But in the upcoming series, we’re going to push some of the limits and engage in a healthy discussion about the hard questions of our Christian faith.

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Single EpisodesApril 30 , 2010

Christianity & Religious Practices

We live in a world with many religions and toleration is touted as the key to getting along. But is it ok to adopt practices from other religions? Can any of these practices be adapted or do they need to be totally left alone? Let's push some of the limits and engage in a healthy discussion about the hard questions of our Christian faith.

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Single EpisodesMay 7 , 2010

Individualism & the Church

​Personal computers, Ipods, DVR’s all allow us to choose what we want when we want it. This growing individualism even affects our attitudes and behavior with respect to the church. Is there still a place for the church in this kind of world?​

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Single EpisodesMay 14 , 2010

Money & Faith

Money is a fact of life. Let's face it, we can't live without it; we need it not only to supply our basic needs but to buy those things we want as well. But what about the nature of it good, is it evil, or neutral? Is there a spiritual aspect to money or is it simply an economic tool?

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Single EpisodesMay 21 , 2010


Heroes are part of the fabric of our culture. Looking for models in life, we strive to be like people with the qualities we want. We place them on pedestals and sometimes try to be just like them. But sometimes those desires turn into idolizing. Should Christians even have heroes? Or maybe to say it another way, if Christians do have heroes, should Christian heroes look different?

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Single EpisodesMay 28 , 2010


The act of personal confession isn't really a huge part of most people’s lives. In some Christian groups confession is still important, almost an obligation. But there are other groups, there are churches for example, that refuse to talk about sin, they say it's too negative. Join the conversation and study what the Bible says about confession in our lives.

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Single EpisodesJune 4 , 2010

Biblical Justice & Worldly Injustice

We encounter and are involved in injustice every day. Sometimes it's obvious things that can't be missed like being fired because of your gender or skin color. But usually, it's a little more complicated than that. What can we learn about dealing with injustice from a story about a vineyard?

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Single EpisodesJune 11 , 2010

Living Faithfully in the World

Living a life of faith in the midst of the world is a constant balancing act. Christians are called to be in the world but not of it. Is it possible that we have grown too worldly today, without even noticing it? As Christians, how do we talk about this or hold ourselves accountable?

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Single EpisodesOctober 28 , 2011

A Tribute to Bob Heerspink

We mourn the death of Groundwork co-host Bob Heerspink and honor his memory while digging into the Word of God Bob loved so much.

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Single EpisodesMay 7 , 2021

Our Faithful God and His Enduring Word

No matter what we’re going through, God is with us. We can trust that he’s with us because the Bible assures us this is true. Today, we’ll examine some of those promises in scripture as we recognize a significant change here on Groundwork. Together, we’ll say goodbye to our co-host, Dave Bast, as he retires and we’ll also welcome his successor, Darrell Delaney, to the co-host seat alongside Scott Hoezee.

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