The Jesus We Don't Know

June 8, 2012 – June 29, 2012

The Jesus We Don't Know

Ask someone to describe Jesus and you’ll likely hear warm characteristics like loving, kind, compassionate, wise, and powerful. But are we being selective in our memories of Jesus, focusing on those parts of his character we find appealing and ignoring any evidence of other sides to him? What about the stories in the Bible that depict Jesus with characteristics that seem scandalous? In this Groundwork series we study scripture to discover the Jesus we don’t know, discuss how we live with the tensions that arise, and discover how understanding this more complete picture of who Jesus is leads us to greater obedience.

Episodes in this Series

The Jesus We Don't KnowJune 8 , 2012

The Compassionate & Tough Jesus

So you think you know Jesus. But do you, really? There are stories in the Bible that show a compassionate Jesus, but there are some that suggest he was tough. Can he be both?

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The Jesus We Don't KnowJune 15 , 2012

The Jesus Who Loves & Hates

It's easy to think about Jesus as loving; we can easily and quickly list stories that demonstrate his love. But if we never think about the passages that demonstrate his hate, then we don't really know Jesus. Let's talk about this tension of Jesus who loves and hates.

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The Jesus We Don't KnowJune 22 , 2012

The Omniscient & Ignorant Jesus

Jesus describes the end of the world in great detail, but then he says he doesn't know when it will happen. So what did he know and when did he know it?

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The Jesus We Don't KnowJune 29 , 2012

The Powerful & Weak Jesus

We are quick to identify Jesus with power, strength, and might. However, we struggle in wrapping our heads around the idea that Jesus was weak and vulnerable. Today on Groundwork, we take a look at the Jesus we don't know, who lived with the tension of embracing weakness and power at the same time.

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