The Justice Calling

September 9, 2016 – September 30, 2016

The Justice Calling

What is a believer's calling and responsibility when confronted with the heart-breaking reality of injustice in our world? Scriptures in both the Old and New Testaments reveal that justice is not only close to God's heart, but that true biblical justice is tied to righteousness and flows directly from God's own character. In this Groundwork series we'll study scriptures and reflect on the book The Justice Calling: Where Passion Meets Perseverance to inform our understanding of justice from God's perspective, discover our role in responding to injustice both through prayer and action, and find encouragement to continue pursuing justice in our life and world today.   

Episodes in this Series

The Justice CallingSeptember 9 , 2016

Justice and Righteousness

Discover why righteousness is intricately connected to justice in God’s eyes and learn what this means for how we live faithfully as followers of Jesus Christ.

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The Justice CallingSeptember 16 , 2016

Justice, Lament, and Flourishing

How do we incorporate a sense of longing for justice into our prayer life? How do we look and work for it in our communities and our world? Find out how we can participate in God’s design for justice and flourishing.

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The Justice CallingSeptember 23 , 2016

Justice, Heroes, and Jesus

Recognizing Christ as prophet, priest, and king encourages us in our pursuit of justice.

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The Justice CallingSeptember 30 , 2016

God's Church Seeks Biblical Justice

What is the role of the Church in seeking justice? How do we balance our calling to save souls with our justice calling? Learn what it means for us as God’s church to seek biblical justice.

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