The Lord's Prayer

June 9, 2023 – July 14, 2023

The Lord's Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer may arguably be the best-known prayer in the world. Christians call it the Lord’s Prayer because it is the prayer that our Lord Jesus Christ taught his disciples, and modeled for us, his followers. It is recorded in both Matthew 6 and Luke 11, and through the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus teaches us valuable truths not only about prayer, but about God, and us. In this Groundwork series, we’ll study each petition of the Lord’s Prayer and the Scriptures that help us understand their meaning. We’ll discuss what we’re professing or asking when we pray each petition, why the order of the prayer matters, and how it aligns our character with God’s. Join us as we explore how our faith is nurtured each time we pray the Lord’s Prayer on our own and in community with our fellow believers. 

Episodes in this Series

The Lord's PrayerJune 9 , 2023

Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be Your Name

Let's discuss what this opening line of the Lord's Prayer acknowledges about who God is, what it affirms about our own identity, what it communicates about our relationship with God, and what it means for us.

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The Lord's PrayerJune 16 , 2023

Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be Done on Earth as in Heaven

Study Scriptures that teach us about both God’s kingdom and God’s will, so that we might better understand what we’re asking of God in this petition.

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The Lord's PrayerJune 23 , 2023

Give Us Today Our Daily Bread

Let's discuss how this petition speaks to our worry, teaches us to trust, and encourages our gratitude.

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The Lord's PrayerJune 30 , 2023

Forgive Us as We Forgive

As fallen human beings, we know that forgiving someone who has wronged us is not always easy—and sometimes it’s complicated. Join us as we examine Scripture to glean a biblical definition of forgiveness and better understand the concept of spiritual debt.

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The Lord's PrayerJuly 7 , 2023

Lead Us Not into Temptation, but Deliver Us from the Evil One

Examine Scripture with us to discuss the nature of sin, what temptation is, and how it plays out in our lives. Together, we’ll clarify the meaning of evil, we’ll remember that Jesus has already won the spiritual battle with evil, and we’ll see how praying this petition of the Lord's Prayer helps us remember our own identity and purpose.

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The Lord's PrayerJuly 14 , 2023

For Yours is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory Forever. Amen.

Let's discuss the importance of these words, what we mean when we say them, and why we end the Lord’s Prayer this way.

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