Unsung Virtues

February 8, 2019 – March 1, 2019

Unsung Virtues

When you think about spiritual gifts and ministry, what activities or roles come to mind first? Most of us likely think of gifts like preaching and evangelism, being a pastor or a missionary. Maybe we think about leading worship or teaching a Bible study. But would you ever consider throwing a party, caring for a sick friend, serving at a soup kitchen, or giving a donation to be a spiritual act of ministry? In this Groundwork series, we’ll explore four virtues the apostles identify as important ways we can glorify God, though today, we tend to dismiss them as ordinary and decidedly unspiritual. Discover the biblical perspective on the spiritual gifts of hospitality, mercy, service, and generosity.

Episodes in this Series

Unsung VirtuesFebruary 8 , 2019

The Gift of Hospitality

The Bible makes clear that being hospitable to others is an important way we all live out our faith and a particularly special way for some of us to serve God.

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Unsung VirtuesFebruary 15 , 2019

The Gift of Mercy

Discover how we can all practice the ordinary virtue of mercy and learn why it qualifies as a unique spiritual gift.

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Unsung VirtuesFebruary 22 , 2019

The Gift of Service

Find out why caring for the physical needs of fellow citizens and believers is an important part of a Christian’s life.

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Unsung VirtuesMarch 1 , 2019

The Gift of Generosity

Generosity according to biblical guidelines is a spiritual gift; learn how you can be a responsible giver, during all seasons of life.

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