When God Calls

June 30, 2017 – July 21, 2017

When God Calls

"What does God want me to do?" It's a question most of us ask at regular intervals in our lives. This idea that God calls his people to particular jobs and activities finds its roots in scripture. Through Biblical stories and New Testament teachings we'll discover together why God's calling is more than a job and how we can tune our hearts to recognize, discern, and respond to his call in our lives.

Episodes in this Series

When God CallsJune 30 , 2017

Hearing God's Call

By studying the stories of three people in the Bible who heard and responded to God’s call in their lives and discussing New Testament teachings, together we'll learn to recognize God's call in our own lives.

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When God CallsJuly 7 , 2017

Understanding God's Call

Discerning what God wants us to do in our lives often causes us to wrestle with question about how we'll hear him, how we'll know, or how we can be sure. By studying scripture we gain a greater understanding of what God desires from us when he asks us to serve him.

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When God CallsJuly 14 , 2017

Believing God's Call

The biblical story of Moses and a message from Paul to the Romans show us why it’s possible to believe God’s call in our lives, even if it seems surprising or impossible.

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When God CallsJuly 21 , 2017

Obeying God's Call

How do we faithfully obey God’s call in the face of divine silence, obstacles, or other frustrations? Studying the biblical stories of those who were faithful to their calling gives us the strength and confidence we need to obey and remain faithful to God’s call in our lives.

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