Words from the Cross

March 3, 2017 – April 14, 2017

Words from the Cross

The cross is a central symbol of the Christian faith. But what is it's message? Why do Christians glorify this ancient instrument of death? What does the cross of Christ mean for us? In this Groundwork series we focus on the words Jesus spoke while hanging on the cross for answers. Through his words we'll affirm deep truths about our faith, our Savior, our salvation, God's kingdom, and why it's imperative for us to preach Christ crucified.

Episodes in this Series

Words from the CrossMarch 3 , 2017

Father, Forgive Them

​With his dying breaths, Jesus petitions the Father to forgive. In these brief words, Jesus positions himself as our intercessor and indicates how vital giving and receiving forgiveness is to our salvation.

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Words from the CrossMarch 10 , 2017

A New Family

Jesus shows deep compassion for his mother, even in the midst of great agony on the cross. Discover what Jesus’ great concern for his family shows us about his humanity and uncover the profound theological implications that arise from this earthly concern.

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Words from the CrossMarch 17 , 2017

With Me in Paradise

Discover salvation in its simplest terms, defined for us by Jesus Christ as he hangs on the cross.

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Words from the CrossMarch 24 , 2017

Why Have You Forsaken Me?

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!?” might be the most famous of Jesus' words from the cross. Together let's unearth the meaning of these words, what was happening in this moment of Jesus’ agony, and what it means for us yet today.

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Words from the CrossMarch 31 , 2017

I Thirst

Why does John want to be sure we remember that Jesus expressed thirst as he hung dying on the cross? Join us as we discover the deep theological meaning expressed in thirst.

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Words from the CrossApril 7 , 2017

Father, into Your Hands

​In the finality of Jesus Christ’s dying words we discover hope. Through these same words Jesus teaches us profound truths about our relationship with God and life after death.

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Words from the CrossApril 14 , 2017

It is Finished

As Jesus Christ dies on the cross, he declares, "It is finished." In this cry of accomplishment, he declares his work done. Jesus Christ is victorious and the triumph we proclaim at Easter is just the beginning.

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