Work Faithfully

May 20, 2016 – June 10, 2016

Work Faithfully

Work is a staple of life, but is work part of God's design for the world or the result of humanity's fall into sin? Whether you're in a season of getting paid to work, seeking work, or working to cultivate a home, you participate in the necessary, yet sometimes thankless efforts of work. Some of us even see our work as a calling from God, but most of us would much prefer to spend our time doing other activities. This Groundwork series seeks to discover God's original intention, clarify calling and vocation as they relate to our work, and identify a biblical perspective for human work, so that each of us can perform our work faithfully to honor and glorify God.

Episodes in this Series

Work FaithfullyMay 20 , 2016

God's Intention for Our Work

How should we think about work? Is it a curse, a blessing, a necessary evil, an opportunity for growth, a chance to help and serve others? Join us as we dig into the opening chapters of Genesis to discover God’s intention for work and vocation.

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Work FaithfullyMay 27 , 2016

God Remembers Our Work

Daily work has its frustrations. Whether you're frustrated with your circumstances as a whole or on occasion or just with particular tasks, discover how our faith in God can give us new perspective on our work, even if our circumstances and situations do not change.

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Work FaithfullyJune 3 , 2016

Work for God's Glory

We can be tempted to think evangelism and missions are the only types of work with lasting value and meaning, but the Bible reveals how all our work and the things we create can have lasting value to God and add to his glory.

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Work FaithfullyJune 10 , 2016

Work, Calling, and God's Providence

Whether you view your work as a calling from God or not, join us as we discuss 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4:16 to help us better understand the relationship between our work and our calling and ultimately show us what this has to do with God’s providence for his world.

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