July 11, 2014 – July 18, 2014


Worship is a natural piece in the rhythm of Christian life. Yet new and mature Christians alike regularly want to know how and why this practice came to be or if we are worshiping the way the Bible says we should. In this Groundwork series we study scriptures to discuss what worship is, why we worship, and how we worship.

Episodes in this Series

WorshipJuly 11 , 2014

Worship: What It Is and Why We Do It

There's more to worship than showing up at a service once a week. Join us as we study scripture to define what worship is and why we do it.

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WorshipJuly 18 , 2014

How We Worship

How we worship together matters; worshiping God is one of our primary tasks as Christians and one of the greatest things we give him. Today on Groundwork we discuss the important elements of our worship together and dig into scripture to find instructions for worship that is both pleasing to God and satisfying to us.

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