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Cultivating a Biblical Perspective on Money, Wealth, and Possessions

Discussions about money can easily stir up strong feelings. Some of us experience anxiety and worry about not having enough, others of us find our self-worth in how much money we make, and yet others of us share what we have generously. If we’re honest, for many of us, thinking about money, wealth, and possessions consumes a decent amount of our time and attention. In today’s consumer culture, decisions about money are unavoidable. And, often, our culture tries to convince us that our identity and our value are connected to what we have. But that’s not God’s way. In our Groundwork series, “Cultivating a Biblical Perspective on Money, Wealth, and Possessions,” we’ll study Scripture passages from the Old and New Testaments to better understand how God desires us to think about, relate to, and use our money and possessions. Together, we’ll learn how our relationship with our money and things can reflect our beliefs and flow out of our faith in God. 

Money, Finances, and Possessions

There’s no question that money is a tricky subject. It’s an area of great disparity in this life. Some people have what they need; they can put food on the table, pay bills, and save for retirement without too much discomfort. But for plenty of individuals and families, that’s just not the case. Some are just scraping by while others are struggling to survive. And then there are individuals who seem to be blessed beyond measure with more than plenty. The devil is ready to use this disparity to sow seeds of discord and doubt.

But the reality is, money and possessions are a fact of life. And simply letting culture or our circumstances influence our attitude and perspective toward it can lead to dire consequences—for our mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Therefore Christians in all economic circumstances need to turn to the Bible and allow God’s Word to inform our perspective and shape our relationship with our money, wealth, and possessions. 

The Relationship between Faith and Money

In both the Old and New Testaments, the Bible teaches about money often. From these passages, we can begin to understand God’s perspective on money and his desire for us. We can also begin to discern what these teachings mean for each of our situations. Studying Scripture reminds us that God is just as concerned with the attitude of our hearts as he is about the actions we take. So how should our faith impact our finances in this life? 

Whether we’re struggling to make ends meet, scraping by, have enough, or have plenty, our faith must inform our finances and what we do with our money. If it doesn’t, we risk letting our circumstances and culture inform what we believe about and do with what God has given us. So let’s study Scripture and discuss the practical implications of what it teaches us about God’s provision, and how we should think and pray about our money and our needs. 

Cultivate a Biblical Perspective

In this life, we can’t ignore the reality and necessity of money and possessions, but I invite you to join us in cultivating a biblical understanding and perspective on our money and finances through Groundwork’s series “Cultivating a Biblical Perspective on Money, Wealth, and Possessions”:

...and together we’ll discover a biblical attitude that will help us honor God with what we have, trust in his provision, guard our hearts against the ways the devil uses money to tempt us, and experience the contentment and flourishing that God desires for us in all circumstances of our daily lives. 

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