A Biblical Warning against Favoritism in the Church

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A Reformed Perspective on the Book of James

A Biblical Warning against Favoritism in the Church

May 1, 2015   •   James 2:1-13

If you heard that your favorite celebrity was going to show up at your church on Sunday, would you behave differently? Would you be nervous? What about that man or woman you didn't recognize in church last week? Did you change your behavior because they were there? Did you talk to them? If we wonder how the church would react to somebody famous but never worry about how we’d react to the average person, the Bible indicates there might be a spiritual problem in the church, the body of Christ. The Apostle James has a diagnosis of that problem and some stern words for dealing with it. Today on Groundwork we will dig into James 2 to see what James had to say on the subject of showing favoritism.

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