Biblical Steps for Sharing Your Faith

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Sharing Your Faith: A Biblical Study of Why and How We Share Our Faith

Biblical Steps for Sharing Your Faith

June 10, 2022   •   Matthew 9:35-10:7 Acts 4:23-31 Acts 8:26-40 Revelation 12:11

In this Groundwork series, we’ve dug into Scripture to better understand what evangelism is and why every believer is called to share their faith. We’ve studied Jesus Christ’s ascension and Pentecost to grasp the role and power of the Holy Spirit in our witness. Now, with this solid foundation, let’s examine stories from the New Testament and discover best practices for how we share our faith. Together, let’s study how Jesus himself interacts with the people he encounters and what the apostles do as they begin their ministry. From these stories, we can glean simple, practical steps that each of us can follow to confidently share our faith. 

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