Building Blocks for Biblical Success

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Now What? Rebuilding When Life Falls Apart

Building Blocks for Biblical Success

November 15, 2019   •   Nehemiah 2:11-18 Nehemiah 4:1-15 Nehemiah 5:1-12

When we are rebuilding after our life has fallen apart, even the smallest opposition can feel like an insurmountable force. Sometimes people mean well but derail our progress. Other times people purposely thwart our efforts, simply because they don’t want to see us succeed. Whether our opposition comes from external pressure or even our own internal fears, doubts, and shame, we can learn a lot about the essential building blocks for biblical success from Ezra and Nehemiah. Their response to the external and internal opposition that threatened their progress while rebuilding Jerusalem and the temple, model for us how prayer, work, compassion, and grace can align us with God’s will and help us maintain forward momentum as we rebuild against all odds. 

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