Christians in Society

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1 Peter & Christian Suffering

Christians in Society

September 7, 2012   •   1 Peter 3:8-22

These days sharp words and harsh verbal exchanges make for great television. Turn on one of the so-called “Reality Shows” on TV on any given evening and you’ll see roommates or spouses or chefs in a cooking competition biting each other’s heads off in fights and arguments that apparently millions of TV viewers find oddly entertaining to watch. Sometimes, though, you’ll even see pastors or theology professors on a split-screen on CNN or Fox News arguing about some social or political issue. Even these religious figures often cut each other off, talk over each other, shout one another down. Is this how we Christians are supposed to react when we are upset or feel cornered or when we meet opposition to our beliefs? The Apostle Peter didn’t think so and today on Groundwork, we’ll explore why.

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