Dangerous Accusations

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Jesus' Journey to Jerusalem and the Cross in the Gospel of Luke

Dangerous Accusations

March 14, 2014   •   Luke 11:14-20

As Jesus journeys to Jerusalem and to the cross we see him having many interesting encounters and exchanges. But in the passage we are looking at today on Groundwork, we find something that is finally downright startling: Jesus’ critics accuse him of being in cahoots with the devil! Many people during Jesus’ lifetime failed to recognize him as the Son of God in the flesh and that’s sad enough. But to go the other way and claim Jesus is actually an agent of the devil . . . well, that’s breathtaking. Why did people say that? What did Jesus say in reply? And how does this fit with the larger story here that is headed to that cross? We might find Jesus' reaction surprising, but in it we find insight for living in today's world and into what it means to be Christ-like.

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