Dual Citizenship

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1 Peter & Christian Suffering

Dual Citizenship

August 24, 2012   •   1 Peter 1:1-12

Do you ever wish you could re-capture some stunning moment from your past? Maybe it’s the thrill of your first kiss or the overwhelming joy at the birth of your first child. Maybe it’s the first time you saw a mountain. Or just maybe it is, as the old hymn puts it, the spiritual thrill of “the hour you first believed” the Gospel. Sometimes we wish we could recapture those experiences even though we know we cannot. But it may be enough that we can remember them and revel in them, especially in later times in life when things are rough. Today on Groundwork we are going to see how Peter helps suffering Christians remember the truth of what they first saw and believed as a way to forge ahead during the tough times of discipleship that come later.

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