Follow: Jesus on the Shore

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Cultivating Faith: Post-Resurrection Appearances of Christ

Follow: Jesus on the Shore

May 13, 2022   •   John 21

When we read the story of Jesus meeting the disciples on the shore in John 21, we learn that even after seeing him twice, Jesus’ own disciples still don’t recognize him. We too have moments like that today, when we don’t recognize God or what he’s up to in his world. The disciples’ story helps us recognize that Jesus is there in the ordinary and that he’s willing to fellowship with us right where we’re at. As we observe his interaction with Peter specifically, we realize that Jesus’ command is consistent from the beginning of his ministry—follow me. So just as Peter’s faith in his risen Lord and Savior grew, so too can we cultivate our faith when our focus stays on the resurrected Jesus, our hope, and his simple command for us to follow him. 

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