God is in Control

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Joshua: God Keeps His Promises and Provides for His People

God is in Control

January 27, 2023   •   Joshua 10-11

The Bible is clear that God is always providing for and preparing the way for us. However, it can be easy in times of trouble to question that truth, and in times of prosperity, to think too highly of our own strength or skill. These temptations can be a slippery slope for our faith, however, the stories in Joshua that retell the final victories in Israel’s conquest of the Promised Land can help remind us of God’s providence and care. Just like the Israelites needed to trust God to provide the victories that would finally give them the Promised Land, we too need to learn to trust that God is in full control of our lives and will thoroughly provide for all our needs. Join us as we explore Joshua 10-11 and together we’ll witness God’s faithfulness and be reminded that it is not our own strength or skill, but God’s provision and leadership that will bring eternal rest for all his people.  

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