God Keeps His Promises and Offers Us Rest

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Joshua: God Keeps His Promises and Provides for His People

God Keeps His Promises and Offers Us Rest

December 30, 2022   •   Joshua 1

No matter how many times we make mistakes or fail, God stays true to his Word and keeps his promises. As the book of Joshua opens, we witness God acting to keep his promises to Abraham and his descendants, the Israelites. As we study God’s work in Joshua, we’ll consider what promises he’s working to keep in our own time and lives. We’ll examine how  God works through his people and the importance of community. Joshua prefigures the work of Jesus Christ, the keeper of God’s promise of salvation from sin and evil and to provide rest. We know we can follow God’s command to “Be strong and courageous” because we trust God to keep his promises. 


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