Heavenly Visions to Encourage Our Faith

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Revelation: A Comfort for Believers

Heavenly Visions to Encourage Our Faith

March 3, 2023   •   Revelation 7-14

Seeing a situation or experience from another perspective typically expands our understanding. It provides us with a perspective we cannot achieve when we only consider the situation from our own perspective. When John was exiled on Patmos, he found comfort in God's cosmic perspective. In Revelation chapters 7-14, John shares his heavenly visions of life as a spiritual battle between God and evil—a battle God has already won. Christians today can continue to find comfort in the eternal truths found in John’s cosmic visions. They reveal the diversity and abundance of heavenly worship, they affirm our forgiveness of sin, and they assure us that no matter what spiritual challenges we face in this life, God has already won the eternal victory. Join us as we discuss the meaning of the images and symbols in John’s heavenly visions and find confidence and encouragement for our faith today. 

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